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What drives you to wear bracelets(choose any one option) :

  • Crystals or stones as per Numerology

Everyone wants to wear crystals but the basic question which comes to everyone’s mind is whether this stone would suit me. Many people prefer sun sign or moon sign while others take guidance of astrology. Numerology can be one of the preferred ways to looking at crystals as they give specific answers. We are all connected to one planet and the deity associated with that planet would govern and resonate within each one of us. That planet would always give beneficial results to us unless the specific conditions like retrograde (or Vakri) or being negatively impacted by 2 or more planets at some time. Still, 90% of the times the planets associated with us would give us beneficial results and you would be positively governed by that planet.

  • How to find the relevant crystal/stone for me using Numerology?

This can be answered with numerology also through your Birth number and your Destiny number. If your age is less than 35 then you are governed by your Birth Number. If your age is greater than 35 then you are governed by your Destiny Number. This doesn’t mean that Birth Number would not favour you after 35, however, this means that after 35 you are governed more by your Destiny number than the birth number alone. Birth number is the date (day when you were born) converted to single number. Like if you are born on 23rd of any month then your birth number is 2+3=5 Destiny number is the sum total of the Date of Birth converted to single number. Like if you are born on 27th September 1994, then your destiny number is 2+7+9+1+9+9+4=5

  • People born on 1/10/19/28 or whose destiny number is 1

Creative, go-getter, leadership skills and you shine in your life. 

Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian

  • People born on 2/11/20/29 or whose destiny number is 2

You follow your heart, sober, loving, emotional, sensitive and diplomat. Moon energies govern you. 

Crystals: Moonstone

  • People born on 3/12/21/30 or whose destiny number is 3

Unique, passionate, and whatever you do, you put your heart in it.

Crystals: Amethyst, Citrine, Green Aventurine

  • People born on 4/13/22/31 or whose destiny number is 4

Principled, no-nonsense, very organized.

Crystals: Smoky quartz, Hematite, Black Tourmaline

  • People born on 5/14/23/31 or whose destiny number is 5

Restless, seek variety, routine is boring for you, brainy, intelligent, your mind wants to work.

Crystals: Citrine, Amethyst, Garnet

  • People born on 6/15/24 or whose destiny number is 6

Luxurious lifestyle, you want to do good to everyone, very warm and welcoming. You like to take a lot of responsibilities.

Crystals: Moonstone, RhodoniteRose quartz

  • People born on 7/16/25 or whose destiny number is 7

Wisdom, analytical thought process, spirituality and out of the box thinking. You introspect things very deeply and do not believe on things at the surface.

Crystals: Selenite, Clear QuartzLapis Lazuli 

  • People born on 8/17/26 or whose destiny number is 8

Tough task master, strict teacher, to make things black and white, amazing business sense, money related and number related matter.

Crystal: HematiteGarnet

  • People born on 9/18/27 or whose destiny number is 9

Humanitarian, healing is your goal and you think is everything can be resolved with a magic wand.

Crystals: Howlite Turquoise, Citrine, Amethyst