Return & Replacement Policy

Terms :

1.The Conclusion on the authenticity of gemstones is an opinion of laboratory. A gemstone can be treated, modified or recut to enhance the colour and clarity at any time after the purchase of the product. Neither Anvaya Jewels or Nideshwaram LLP or ISKON or any of its employees would be held responsible for any loss or damage that happens during any examination once the product is purchased.

2. Reports issued on the certificate or in calculator on the website are not guaranteed, valuations or appraisal. The reports would be considered null and void, if in any case, alterations are made to the gemstone or to the report at any point of time after the report has been prepared, return of any product is at the sole discretion of the company.

3. All the calculations in the calculator are based on the theories proposed by various scholars available over the internet and ancient books, no claim of any contradiction would be entertained by Nideshwaram LLP or Anvaya Jewels in regards to calculator suggestions.

4. Refund or Replacement is at the sole discretion of Nideshwaram LLP and would be considered on in below conditions : Product is not in stock. PIN Code service not available. Covid Affected or Sealed Zone. Product out of stock and can't be replaced.

5. All disputed matters related to this report falls within the jurisdiction of law of Court in Delhi only.