Save Earth

Save the Earth..

” The Mother Earth has given us so many things but we have not been able to contribute much..”
Have you ever felt sad with so much of plastics around..
It’s time for your contribution now.
With every purchase you make, irrespective of cost of the item, we recycle 1 kg of plastic on your behalf.
Not only this, as a token of appreciation you receive a certificate from us too..
So, let’s start making the mother earth greener without any delay..
Anvaya Jewels was conceptualised with the noble idea of making the world greener and better..


With every Anvaya Jewels purchase, we fund the extraction of 1 kg of plastic from landfills, helping to recycle it. This action prevents long-lasting pollution, contributing to a cleaner Earth...

If we are taking so much from Her, let’s start repaying Her beauty back..

Your Certificate on every purchase

theearthband certificate 1theearthband certificate 2