Garnet Double Layer

This stone represents a greater connection with our inner wants and goals. The two layers strike a delicate mix of passion and realism, strength and weakness. It teaches us that genuine balance comes from accepting all elements of ourselves, both good and bad.

Wearing garnet will excite and liven you up. Additionally, it's stated that this stone will maintain your health and balance blood flow throughout your body.

The mystical qualities of garnet, also referred to as the "stone of fortune," provide you with fresh prospects. Your chances of success would increase, particularly in the corporate world. By keeping this stone with you, you could attract wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Garnet Stone

  • Brings confidence
  • Physical, emotional, and mental wellness
  • Increases immunity
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Inspires love and empathy
  • Strengthens the willpower
Product Information
Gender: For both men and women
Stones: Garnet
Bead Size: 8mm
Band: Elastic