Howlite Single Layer

Product Description: Howlite is a stunning white crystal with very significant spiritual characteristics. It is recognized for its ability to relax the mind and relieve tension and anxiety. Howlite may also help you connect with the higher realms and get advice and insight from your spiritual guides.

This gem may also help you release old emotions and habits that aren't serving you anymore. If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, using Howlite can help you release the energies that are holding you back. Keep a piece of Howlite with you at times of change or when you need clarity and direction. Allow its serene energy to permeate your auric field, opening you up to new possibilities.

  • Enhances memory
  • Promotes awareness.
  • Increases the thirst for knowledge.
  • Encourages emotional expressiveness.

Numerology: Born on 9, 18, and 27. Destiny Number: 9
Zodiac: Scorpio, Pisces, and Leo
Intentions: Financial Prosperity, Mental Function, Concentration, Emotional Balance, Better Communication and Expression, Memory, and Focus
Chakra: Throat Chakra, and Crown Chakra

Gender: For both men and women
Stones:Howlite Stone
Band Size: 8mm
Band: Elastic