Howlite Turquoise Double Layer

Product Description: Howlite turquoise is often associated with power, peace, health, and pleasure. This powerful stone may also help with stress and anxiety relief as well as creative enhancement.

This healing stone is perfect to use when you're experiencing artistic blockages or need help overcoming obstacles in your creative process. It also instills feelings of inner peace and satisfaction and strengthens your boldness and self-esteem.

Turquoise howlite is a great stone to choose if you're looking for one that encourages peace. For those who experience these feelings, it is also a great way to release stress and rage.

  • Helps recall dream
  • Calms your mind
  • Aids in meditation
  • Strengthens bones
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Increases awareness

Numerology: Born on 9, 18, and 27. Destiny Number: 9
Zodiac: Scorpio, Pisces, and Leo
Intentions: Financial Prosperity, Memory and Focus, Better Communication, Mental Function, Concentration, and Emotional Balance
Chakra: CrownChakra, and Throat Chakra

Gender: For both men and women
Stones:Howlite Turquoise
Band Size: 8mm
Band: Elastic