Selenite Single Layer

Product Description: The Selenite Stone, with a tint as light as the flutter of angel wings, exudes unearthly awe. Selenite, a cherished goddess stone, has a long history of bringing protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home. It is instantly relaxing.

Selenite is believed to be a crystalline form of gypsum. It is made of hydrous calcium sulfate and is a soft stone that seems to be flexible, more like a feather than a rock. As one of the gentler stones, it may serve as a powerful reminder to walk through the world with care and to include holy space in our activities.

On a more practical level, Selenite may be an excellent stone for clearing energy obstacles, bringing calm and purity to one's brain and heart, and overall keeping you safe and connected to the world around you.

  • Encourages peace
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears obstructed energy
  • Boosts the spirit
  • Enables you to access your intuition
  • Excellent energy cleanser
  • Vibrates with a very high frequency

Numerology: Born on 22
Zodiac: Gemini and Cancer
Intentions: Spiritual awareness, peace and calmness
Chakra: Crown Chakra

Gender: For both men and women
Band Size: 8mm
Band: Elastic